Saturday, January 2, 2016

How To Boost iPhone Battery Life ?

Here Is How You can Boost Your Iphone Battery (3 Ways)

Apple has recently launched
 iOS 9 after a long wait. Like most OS upgrades from the company, the v9.0.1 is also accompanied with some issues for some users. One among them is the occurrence of battery life issues. If you have also upgraded to the new operating system and if you are facing a battery crunch, you have 3 ways to get over the problem.

 Identify the Battery-Gulping Apps

Some users are busy finding battery issues around the new iOS 9 upgrade. But the OS comes with a number of features which are beneficial in saving battery life. The key maybe to just identify the apps that are gulping down all that battery juice.
  • Go to Settings
  • Open Battery
  • Open Battery Usage
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You will see all the apps and the percentage of battery they are consuming. You could delete a few of them that drink more battery juice.

You could turn off the apps every time you have stopped using them or you may turn the apps altogether by turning off “Background App” refresh.
  • Go to Settings
  • Open General
  • Open Background App Refresh
You can turn off each app individually or all the apps.

 Turn Off Unwanted Features

Most often the culprit is a series of unwanted features which are active in the background. Bluetooth is one of them. AirDrop is another one.

Use your iPhone in Low Power Mode

With the new iOS 9, Apple has introduced a new feature – the Low Power Mode. You can save your battery during those times when you needed it the most. Activate this mode and all the currently-unwanted features and apps will be turned off.

How to activate the Low Power Mode? It can be found in Settings > Battery. You should also dim the screen to save more battery. This is especially recommended when you don’t have much battery life. Even in normal circumstances you can dim it and brighten it only when you need to use your iOS 9 device.