Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How to clean camera lens

Ever wondered “How to clean lens of any camera” without damaging the surface of lens.
Then here is the solution to it.
There are some tools available in the market to clean lens’s as well as some ways by which you can clean the lens yourself easily without any problem.
In this post I am going to discuss all the best methods which I consider to be good, economical as well easy.

Camera Lens Cleaning

Direct cleaning process (by simple tools)

1. Using Cloth and Fluids

A few drops of alcohol based lens cleaning fluid with Lens cleaning tissue or modern microfiber cleaning cloth works best for removing finger prints and smudges. Pouring a few drops of lens cleaning fluid on the tissue and then gently cleaning the lens with it is simple and easy as well as it works well. However you may use Modern microfiber cleaning cloth in place of Lens cleaning tissue, it is washable so wash it clean enough before using every time.
Clothes and fluids may be a bit costly but if you really want to clean the camera lens for a professional shoot, do spend something here as it will removes the impurities and will bring better quality of pictures.

2. Blowers and Brushes

Whenever it comes to cleaning the dust particles Blowers and Brushes works perfect. Blowers are simply as the name says Devices which blow out air with a little pressure (like hair dryer). These works good outside and fine for inside as have to be used properly. These blows out the air on lens and the dust particles present on the lens surface (or outside on body). Brushes with soft hairs can be a cheap alternative and it works fine for many photographers. Just simply remove the dust particles with gentle force and with proper care and you can remove the dust particles easily.

Pro tip:- If you live in dusty area or if you  usually keep your camera at a place  where dust can be reached easily then, Do keep Silica gel near the lens, or you can keep it even in the cover when you travel with lens. The silica gel attracts the dust particles and then keep them trapped within it self. This resuts in decreasing the dust particles flying near the lens.

Whenever it comes to rubbing a cloth always keep a few points in mind.

1. Never apply too much pressure or force as this will give out nothing but scratches on your Costly lens, and I don’t think you need enough of them.

2. Circular motion of the clothes proves to be the most effective as it covers the maximum area as well as is in continuous flow. Rubbing the on a single direction don’t proves to be much effective.

3. Use soft fibrous brushes only. As it won’t give out any minor scratch by the brush fiber itself.

4. Silica gel should be replaced on a regular interval if you use it in the small quantity because the surfaces get cover up by dust particles and new particles cannot get trapped by it anymore.

To conclude all I want to say is don’t clean the lens unless it is needed. Too much cleaning itself is harmful. Stay cool don’t be aggressive while doing the above work. A calm and peaceful mind will give out better results.

If you have any queries then you can ask in comments, do share this post if you find it useful.