Monday, January 4, 2016

How To USE Images From Google Without Copyright

NOTE : This Article Is Written By A Another Blogger. Namely - krishna moorthy. The Entire Credits for this Article goes to him.

Google Images has the best image collections we have ever seen while we search for something, we get the best images out there with the best quality available. Do you think these images are free? or are you using them freely without adding proper credits or are you aware of the violations you’re making?



Nothing is available for free, even the applications which you download for free are not exactly free. At least you’re spending your time, data and battery power to download that application. Just like that, the images in Google Images are not free. You might have seen amazing pictures with superb quality in Google Images, the photographer of that image might have spent lots of effort to take that picture and I don’t think he’s mad enough to give that image for free.
The images which you’re downloading from Google images are not free and you might face copyright violations for using those images. Many people’s out there have faced copyright issues while using the images which they took from Google Images.
You might have missed this 😉

Well, there are platforms where you can download free images for your blog posts and this article helped me a lot when I was searching for free images in the past.


So here I’m giving you a tip to use images from Google images, without facing copyright violations. I’ve attached a video here which will explain everything in detail, do take a look at the video and share it if you liked it :)
Go to google images and search the keyword which you want to get images for. You’ll see an option like “Search Tools”, click on that, you’ll be seeing “Usage Rights“. In the usage rights section, you’ll come to see options like
So personally I opt for “Labeled for reuse” and I recommend you to try that option and use the images which pop out in that category. Those images can be used without any copyright violations but still try to give them proper credits (it’s an ethics) :)