Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How to sync whatsapp images to dropbox or google drive

Ever wanted to sync whatsapp images or chat-backups to Dropbox or google drive? Here is a method by which you can automatically set your whatsapp pictures or even chat-backups to sync with a Dropbox account and on google drive.
The process is simple and shall be processed into two parts.

A) Syncing whatsapp images to Dropbox.

All you need is to follow some simple steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Open Dropbox and create a new folder “Whatsapp”.
screenshot - whatsapp folder in dropbox
Step 2: Open the Dropsync app in your android device. (not possible in iOS unless jailbreak, and the alternate app is iFile for iOS)

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Screenshot_2 dropsync app
Step 3: Now, authorize (give permission) the dropsync app to access your Dropbox account.
Step 4: Set the whatsapp folder as /storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images.
Screenshot_3 selecting dropbox folder
Step 5: Set the sync mode as “Upload only”. So that images from mobile devices are uploaded to Dropbox, and not the files on Dropbox to the mobile device.
Screenshot_4 upload only mode
Screenshot_5 you are done
Step 6: Open the app settings tab and set autosync interval as per your needs. (5 minutes recommended).
Screenshot_6 autosync interval
Screenshot syncing started
Now its done!

Similarly you can do it for other folders like Databases or any folder inside whatsapp.
Now you will be able to see the pictures and files directly in your Dropbox account. It is completely automated feature, once setup it wont require any manual actions. The Images and files will automatically get synced up in Dropbox from whatsapp .

B) Syncing whatsapp with google drive (via Dropbox)

So far we have learnt to sync whatsapp images with Dropbox. Now we will learn to sync Dropbox files with google drive.
If you are willing to pay money for this service then you can simply us a service calledcloudHQ  tough it has a free basic version but it is limited to 50 files. So you you have to pay for uploading more files. It is an automated service and won’t require any manual actions.
You may install Dropbox withing Google drive and it will work for you (if you want a free method).
Another way to sync Dropbox folder with google drive is by using this google chrome extension.
Note: As per the latest update you can directly backup the data of whatsapp on google drive, the feature is added in whatsapp itself.
g drive-backup-whatsapp
Image By : BGR
If you face any problem while Syncing whatsapp pictures and files with Dropbox and Google Drive, comment and i’ll reply the solution ASAP.