Sunday, May 1, 2016

How to Download YouTube Videos on Safari

Here we are going to Discuss about the most popular post ever want and its Solution. As we are going to tell you how to download youtube videos on safari in step-by-step.
Youtube is a user-content generated video sharing site, which is one of the largest and most popular video portal around the world. There are many websites out there which you can download youube videos from most popular amoung them is something like Tubemate and now in this article i will be saying you about how to download youtube videos on an ios device using its default webbrowser called as “Safari“.

Download youtube videos.
There are “n” number of possible ways to download online videos like on sites youtube,viao etc,. There are plenty of sites on the internet(worldwideweb) which allow you to copy paste the link of a YouTube video which will give a downloadable video link in return and you can download the videos which you want to see later on and save them on your computers. Normally, these sites are riddled with ads and pop-ups and they also take a long time to convert the video into a downloadable file. This does not lead to a very good user experience.
Sometimes the quality of downloaded videos is not so great and sometimes the download fails and error occur stating that you have to download some apps to finish the Download.
Today, I am going to share a trick with you by which you can download YouTube videos on Safari and virtually any online flash video in beautiful H.264 encoded.m4v or .mp4 format in the quickest possible way and without losing any video quality.

 Download youtube Videos :

Make sure your Safari Browser is up-to date as it works with the Latest Version of Safari Browser.Download Safari from this link  if you don’t have Safari Installed in your Computer.
Download youtube videos
2. The extension should start downloading and will complete in a few moments.So wait Until it Gets Completed successfully..
Download youtube videos
3.After the download has completed, open the ClickToPlugin extension which will prompt you to install
Download youtube videosDownload youtube videos4. In this step of 4 for Download youtube videos on safari. After the installation completes, when you open Safari Preferences and go to Extensions tab, you will see ClickToPlugin installed:
Download youtube videos
Step.5 in Download youtube videos on safari is When you click on the checkbox titled “Click this checkbox to access the settings”, you will see a list of HTML5 conversion scripts listed for various popular video sites like below:
Download youtube videos

As you can see from the screenshot, almost all popular video sites like YouTube,Vimeo, Dailymotion etc are supported by this plugin.
That is all there is to this trick. No more wait times at lagging websites and no more popups and ads to deal with when you want to download a YouTube video. Just right-click on the source and choose to download. Cannot get any simpler than this! Whatʼs more?
For Chrome users, you can consider installing this greasemonkey script specifically for Youtube videos, which adds an option to download videos in .mp4 or .flv format. You can also download embedded YouTube videos on safari browser using the same trick. Hope you find this new trick to download YouTube videos very useful as I have.
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