Sunday, June 5, 2016

How to attract much google traffic on your website in easy steps

google trafficHello users today i am come with an new and most important topic calls How to attract much google traffic on your website in easy steps . As we all knows that we are struggling daily to attract traffics in our website some are successful and some are fails . Some are fails because they have no proper planning  to attract traffic . But you allz don’t worry today i will teach you how to got massive and huge organic traffic on your old or new website .So you need to first all steps which i am described below so lets start and learn  How to attract much google traffic on your website in easy steps


Yes first of all we need good domain because its base . so now you thinking what is domain funda . ok so first of all you go in google search and type expired domain with page rank or traffic .Because many domains in expired daily most of them have good rank and good traffic . so choose best domain for you.
Second thing is you buy domain from some good domain provider like Go daddy or Name cheap because they provide quality domain and high traffic domain so choose domain this is your first step done.


Second thing is hosting , hosting like a mobile phone who working with sim card like domain working with hosting .If you choose good quality of mobile phone then you enjoy your sim card service with your phone . Same thing working here hosting is most important factor. so you need to choose fast server for your hosting if you choose fast hosting and reliable hosting then google gives you high rank , because google loves speed.
second thing in hosting is if you need usa traffic then you need to buy usa based server means your hosting server location is usa . if you need any country traffic then you need to choose specify country server for hosting . Also remember one thing when you choose your hosting then look that your hosting provide you good up time 24 x7 support .

Good Website Design

When you done both steps domain and hosting , After that you need to make good website with good looking ,because if u create good design then customer loves to stay your website.
And also you remember when u creating your site is that your theme is seo friendly or not .
Try to reduce coding error on your website if your site have many coding errors then google counts in negative so choose carefully and create carefully.

Quality content

yes most important factor is quality content , when you write post on your website and blog then you need to write quality content , so you need to choose right and viral topic on your website .Because google loves quality content and also users loves quality content . now you thinking what is quality content so i described here . quality content my meaning is a Article who provide knowledge of users like if i search how to earn with google adsense then you need to write briefly that how a person earn much threw google adsense .
same procedure working on other topics. if you confuse how to choose topic then you need two things
  1. google trends
  2. google keyword planner
google trends tell you what topics is most searched is last 24 days or more time . so choose one topic and write briefly about that topics.
google keyword planner is google provide tool where you able to find most expensive keyword like if you find insurance in google keyword planner in that tool . after that this tools tell you how much people finding one year period or less and what is currently bid  that tool helps you if you are working with google adsense

On page seo 

On page seo is also most important factor .On-page SEO is the planning  of optimizing your content for search engines. Optimizing your content for search includes tasks like keyword usage, keyword placement, readability, image usage, URL optimization and more.
Google web master
Google web master tool providing by google its help you quickly visible to search engine, this tool tells you about your traffic and errors like robots txt , this tools also help you submit your sitemap to google search console.
social bookmarking 
if you are good with social bookmarking then no one stop you to reach number one position in google try to attract users threw social bookmarking here is the some list where you need to attract users.
2. Twitter
3. pinterest
4. Digg
5. Google plus
6. Stumble upon
Huge list of social bookmarking website so you need to working with social bookmarking website
My good users here i try to tell you how to attract much visitors to your website in easy language and easy method
i hope you all understand my teaching . but i never end. its starting  in near future i will also tell you more steps
if you need to know any thing about search engine and other topic then feel free to post your comments in comments box i will reply you as soon as possible.