Sunday, June 5, 2016

10 powerfull method to increase your google adsense cpc

If you are a good blogger and you have google adsense account and google adsense is your important source of revenue then you never ignore importance of google adsense optimization .when we talking about google adsense then there are many area of google adsense we need to work for good revenue. but we first need to know what important in google adsense and this important thing is cpc . So Lets start to discuss about google adsense cpc . we need high cpc for earning good money in google adsense and many factor effecting google adsense cpc.

what is google adsense cpc

What is google adsense cpc This is basic question that we need to know cpc means cost per click . 
in google adsense two thing is important first is cpc and second is ctr  we need thousand impression to increasing cpc and ctr . cpc means that if a user click on ads then how much money you got for click . for example if a usa  user click on ads and ur cpc and ctr is good then you will got 2$ to 3$ . so you need to working on increasing cpc here is 10 power full method to increase your google adsense cpc.


First of all we need to choose right niche on website .cpc is effect what topic you are choosing to and writing on your blog if u choose viral topic then u got good cpc .here is some list which gives you high cpc
  1. Domain :- if u buy domain from name cheap and go daddy then you got high cpc.
  2. if you choose tech gadgets like apple then you got high cpc
  3. Ms -office also give you high cpc
  4. Insurance
  5. Donation
  6. Health service
  7. Real estate
  8. online jobs
  9. Dating topics


Content is king yes your hearing right word if u choosing good and viral content in your site or blog and huge traffics comes to your website then you also got high cpc in your website .because search engine loves good content. And if you got usa or united kingdom visitors then ur cpc automatically increased.

Blocking Ads

One more important thing you need to working for increasing high cpc is blocking low paying or low impression settings on adsense ads section .  if you see that some ads not giving you high cpc then u need to block those ads quickly and daily check your ads category and block low paying cpc ads on your google adsense setting.


One of most important factor is country in high cpc .yes for example google adsense pays high cpc to usa and uk visitors on website and other side google pays low cpc in Indian and Pakistani area . so u need to target high cpc paid country in your website or blog . Why google pays high cpc on usa or united kingdom that reason is usa and uk is English speaking and other hand India and Pakistani is now English speaking area .

Placing ads

Placing ads on your web blog is most important if you are not choose good format ads on your website then you not able to got high cpc . High cpc paid ads format is 336×280 and 468×60
And remember one thing publish only three ads on your front page  and also choose responsive ads on your website Becuase its gives you high cpc.

Keep Experiment with ads

Google ad-sense provide you experiment facilities in your google adsense account so u need to experiment daily wth different type of  ads and when you got high cpc then you need to stop your ads experiment .Always try new things because new things gives you much profit
At last  I tell you one thing that here i try to teach you simple method how to got high cpc . I am not using difficult method or difficult language  .Remember one thing in google adsense many other factors u need to work like page rpm, impressions,ctr. if you  working all with good idea then i promise you that you will able to earn per month 1000 $ to 5000$ . its not difficult but you need to working hard.
if you have any question in your mind then please post in comment box i will answer your all question as soon as possible thanks.